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Aug 2012
Just a little neighborhood
No Wisteria Lane
But, everyone has their secrets
For they cannot abstain
From the behavior that they know
All of that is understood
Now I shall paint the pictures
The Portraits of the Neighborhood.

First we have a lovely lady
She is lovely indeed
Too lovely for her very own good
The word "no" she does not know
Night after night climbing out the window
Parents in bed, as daft as the dead
Climbing in a car, skirt pulled high
Sitting in the backseat, getting high as the sky
A car full of boys
She's as ecstatic as can be
If she only could know, she's only a toy
Each takes their turn
Tossing her like a rag doll
Finishing inside then it's on to the next one
Dropping her off at home
Telling her to get out of the car
Readjusting her skirt
Back through the window she goes.

Peeking through the window
The next picture painted
The pervy next door neighbor
Always looking to score
The things he has done
Not proud of them, he says
For he has done terrible things
Just sit back and read
Watching through the window
Holding himself in his hand
Wife sleeping in bed
As good as dead
To him because he doesn't see
The love that she brings to him
Only the meat
That she's grown on her bones
Since their wedding day alone
The *** is lack luster
He needs someone else
So he calls on the hookers
And neighborhood hoes
Seeing the girl in the too short skirt
Now he's made a mess on the window
Time to clean up.

Now across the street there
It's an interesting affair
A seemingly loving couple
Blue skies, no rain
She gardens, he works
She cooks, he works
Always greeted with a kiss
Smiles all the time
But, they have a secret
Like everyone else
Behind close doors
He isn't Mr. Nice Guy
The cuts and the bruises
They come from somewhere
She covers them up so no one will stare
She says it will stop
Just give it some time
But one of these days
He'll get carried away
Sensing no danger
This silly young woman
Hangs around town
To be beaten again.

The last and final portrait
This middle aged woman
Beautiful and kind
Everyone loves her
Including a boy
A mere 15 years old
Stops by her home
Everyday after school
She's giving him lessons
But, everyone knows better
A steamy affair
She can sense the danger
But, the thrill it gives
She cannot stop
Everyday he walks in
A locked door behind him
Window blinds closed
The secret well hidden
He kisses and rubs
She does the same
Till they're both in heaven
Away from the pain
He leaves in an hour
Sometimes a little more
She waves from the door
Until tomorrow, there'll be more.

I've painted my picture
Brief as it may be
Every neighbor has their secrets
Whether young or old
What lies writhe behind closed doors
Soon to escape
For now just wait.
Rosie Wisniewski
Written by
Rosie Wisniewski  Michigan
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