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Dec 2018
"You're too young to know about things of this sort.
"You need to, in such a storm, find a safe port.
"You need to listen, child," the wise old man said.
And in part, he was right; that fills me with dread.
Babylon lied; she set us up.
She offered a sweet-tasting, poisonous cup.
I stood in her way, the spotlight I stole,
And she couldn't cut deep, so she swallowed me whole.
I so want to hate her; it fills me with spite.
The old man saw through her. The old man was right.
Then I stop for a moment and marvel at you,
And wonder that somehow you love me too.
You don't wish on a star and expect a reply,
But that's what you've promised till the day I die.
And I laugh to myself. How ironic it seems
That Babylon's trap answered all of my dreams.
If I hadn't trusted that treacherous snake,
Our souls would have passed, cheating out fate.
So I laugh at the old man, and say to him, "Child -
"My body is young. My soul? She is wild.
"She's lived many lifetimes, she's far from a babe.
"And of the same stardust our two souls are made.
"Someday you will understand." My face is aglow,
For my future is set, my path I well know.
It's always been you since the stars were newborn.
Our souls are ancient, though our faces unworn.
So I thank Babylon for attempting a slaughter,
And I kiss the old man's face. I'm his wayward daughter.
I've made many mistakes, but this still is true:
I count them all blessings. They all gave me you.
For my supernova.
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