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Dec 2017
In your most vulnerable moments you are just a child that wants to be held..and rubbed softly while you listen to the familiar sound of my voice echoing in this quiet room. This moment of sincerity is a paradise we share and we choose to let each other in..but never in too deep cause once you go to far you never come back and we’re too young to be planting seeds of oak trees. They say the deepest connection is when we connect the spaces between our knees but you and I know that’s not the truth..cause we’ve had love for souls with connections that ran so deep our hearts wouldn’t beat whenever they weren’t around to make us smile ever so endlessly. We joke about being the club of the dead quite often..and since winter came all you’ve done is cry & cough and I find myself here humming with a stick of glue incase you fall apart. I’ve been there before, so I know exactly how you feel..the illusions..sleepless nights..and the non-stop drinking until the pain stops cause who gives a **** about a hangover when your desire is to stop the pain. So when you call and tell me to come over and your humming “I’m so sick of love songs”, I’ll be there with a bottle of jack daniels before the songs even over. No, I never sign up to be in the competition to be the somebodies only one..I just love the moments spent listening to a woman sincerely talk about what makes her mind run…and since I’ve seen it before I don’t have to look twice to see the lights in your eyes when our conversations hit all kinds of topics & shoot past this physical plane filled with faulty materials and plastic people with filtered smiles on their faces. Sometimes I wish their were two of me so you’ll have someone to take you to all those places..but theirs only 1 and this moment won’t last forever so the night is what we make it
Camaury Robinson
Written by
Camaury Robinson  Atlanta, GA
(Atlanta, GA)   
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