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Dec 2017
Everywhere and
Never fading
Rude to talk when
They’re listening

Not quite falling
Not quite living
But for sure he’s
Still existing

Left no memory
Of his presence
Gone forever

Can’t retain a
Stable body
Core consumed him
Only rotting

Broken doorway
Leads you deeper
Empty room and
He’s the keeper

Stumble forward
Knees are shaking
All around you
Space is breaking

The darkness
Your soul can’t
Stop pounding

You’re glitching
It’s over

Can’t remember
What his name was
Talked in symbols

Cracked and melted
Mind is twisted
None had seen and
No one wished it

Work was cut off
Family forgot
Past is worthless

Machine broken
Can’t be revived
Despite efforts
Did not survive

You’re falling
Start calling
Is coming

It’s bruising
You’re grasping
For something

Shattering soul
Can it refuse?
Keeps reacting

King’s scientist
His position
Taken over
Long forgotten

Running down the hall
You catch your breath
There’s nothing left
You start to fall

Through the void
There’s no choice
You call out hopelessly to all the darkness

Inching back to check again
He’s disappeared now
Now’s not the time

Spreading endlessly through time
Dust never carried off
Stuck like this for now

Never fixing the problem
Those trapped under the ground
Have lost all hope

Fight on the left
Spare on the right
How will you

Act in-between
Items consumed
Approach this?

Fight on the left
Spare on the right
Check him too

Act in-between
Items consumed
Don’t forget…

A drawing
Three people
Poorly drawn
Is missing

A folder
Locked away
He’s crying
“Don’t forget.”
Written by
starchild  16/Other/NightSky
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