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Aug 2012
For Elisabeth Eitel------Il miglior fabbro*

Snow White of course, I love the sort
With sensuous repose
Was dancing on the bar not far
from where I kept the rows
Of Houses Black that snuggle back
and tingle in your toes

“To Liquid's floor” I did implore
“My Lady, come to dream
Please leave your heights and fill my nights
with thoughts of softest cream

(She jumped to me, I caught her clean
and brought her to the ground)

Somehow she knew then, right away, just what her night had found
Another smooth, deceptive fool whose heart could only pound

She bit in spite, hard down in me
A ****** path of entropy

I grabbed her, whispering low and mean
“I'll teach you of the XOR machine...”
She cocked an eye but failed to see
so on I went impatiently
“I'll teach you of the XOR machines
where one and one to nothing come
but all alone are free”

Smiling sly she arced a stream
(with new light in her eyes agleam)
of blood upon the dancing sea
into the noice of girls and boys
with mad emphatic glee

Jessica Merkling  Dittmar
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