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Nov 2017
There are times that I don’t understand myself,
No matter how I try I just couldn’t find the answer.
A question that has no answer is like a song without lyrics,
This is how I feel about my life most of the time.
I don’t where to get the answer, don’t know where the hell
I will go.

This has been the case since I was a kid.
I tried to join the other kids but couldn’t fit.
Hence I embraced solitude to hide my distressed.
I sing a song while I stroll in the street.
Imagination was my best friend since then up to now.

When I became a teenager I tried to be in the group.
So I indulged in alcohol, cigarettes, and *** I also tried drugs.
But I couldn’t fill the void; it seems that there are things
That you just can’t avoid.

Now, that I’m in my forties I’m still searching for the answer.
I’ve done lots of reading and writing. Also watched many documentaries
And listened to various speeches, yet there is still the yearning.
The enigma hasn’t been resolved.
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