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Nov 2017
This is not an office,
this is a prison cell.
People call this place
of work but it isn’t,
yeah it’s not what it is.
This ******* place is like
a concentration camp,
a slave camp.
The place is air-condition,
there are computers,
chairs and tables
the ambiance is great,
but this is not
what it’s seems to be.
This place is a
******* slave camp.
We are here to work
and to work and to work
all day long. For what,
god dammed it?
To serve the interest
of the master,
to make him happy
and to make sure that
he will earn more money.
This is what this
is all about;
it’s all about money
for the big boss.
He (the Boss) is
using our talent,
skill and ability
to advance his interest
and that is to
earn more profit.
Profit every day,
profit every week,
profit every month
and profit every year;
**** this profit.
We’re not ******* machines
we are human beings
with dignity.
Stop treating us
like money making machine.
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