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Nov 2017
This little girl was givin the gift of life on May 17. Little did her family know she will someday become unhappy.

She is this happy little girl until one day someone would crush her spirit.

Her happy spirit that once was is now dead. She had met the real world full of cruel people. She cries herself to sleep at the age of 11.

She started cutting at the age of 14.

She gave up and wasnt herself anymore.

That little girl that was once happy gave up on life wondering β€œWhy me?”

She wasnt a fighter she was fake.

She painted on a smile at 7:00am-9:30pm. She became depressed.

But she met this boy who was her glue. The glue that put all her broken pieces back together. She gave him, her all. But he left her. He took her fragile heart and threw it out the window going down a highway. He left her knowing everything she’d been through and how depressed she would become.

She took away her pain by cutting, cutting so deep she will end up in the hospital.

The little girl was not the girl with no worries anymore. Her mind was now full of them trying to make it through the day.

-Gillian Askeland
Gillian Askeland
Written by
Gillian Askeland  17/F/Everywhere
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