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Sep 2017
I want colton back...
if i were to wake up from this nightmare
find that life is back to that day of sept 26, 2008
i would get out of bed
insist that colton take the day off from school
if i had been given another chance i would do it all so differently.

when he wanted me to buy him a grocery cart for $5
but i didn't want it parked in the front yard
making the house look all ghetto,
"oh what would the neighbors think??!"

i'd have let him bought it,
i'd have cared more about making my little big teenager boy happy cuz i dont care what the neighbors think,
the ones that want to judge, that is
....i am saying life is special cuz u only get 1 shot at it
you dont know when it will be over
so do the right thing right now
instead of wishing for a complete re do
on raising colton
...except the part where i bought him 40 big macs from McD's
hid then in the deep freezer
for him to find on christmas eve,
i was an A+ Mom on that day
that moment i'd keep as a part of his
Lynda Kerby
Written by
Lynda Kerby  Kansas
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