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Aug 2017
For: michael whithorn
Lynda Kerby <>

im so in debt!
i cant get myself to clean my house!
im mentally emotionally and physically spent!
i havent been a good friend to you but
i tried the best i could
i know your heart means well
i am so ashamed at what ive become
i dont have another comeback in me
i am going to miss you
what we should have had
i have lost at this game called life
i will always wish you well
i wish it could have been me
i wish a lot of things
i wish there was a heaven for me to be reunited w colton
but he is gone
ive wasted this one precious life that he never got to enjoy
you cant handle me crying
i need a shoulder
i am not even mad at you
hate to see you waste your life w a loser like me
i know you hate me
i dont blame you
sorry the *** was good enough to keep you coming back
i set you back from your goals by many months
im just tired
i dont guess you understand that kind of tired
but its real
Lynda Kerby
Written by
Lynda Kerby  Kansas
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