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Aug 2017
lesbians laugh like clockwork
each cackle measured
for effectiveness
and travels well
on Sunday's eve

then buckeyes pop in the road
like tiny bombs
good for slingshots
but my petty neighbors
would never allow
such insolence
so I don't bother
somehow the tree
gets away with it

then a car rolls by
with thunderous beats
why they choose
this little alleyway
is always a question

but in between
the occasional car
the occasional pop
and the occasional laugh
I occasionally enjoy

©2012 Lyn
Hi. This is just a day in the life
type of thing I wrote on my
porch years ago. I have no
animosity towards my gay
neighbors. I rarely see
or hear them anymore.
I do have my share of
lousy neighbors though.
Lyn Senz 2
Written by
Lyn Senz 2  M/Ohio b.26dec1963
(M/Ohio b.26dec1963)   
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