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Aug 2017
Don't give me roses.
Don't give me rings.
I am not simple and those are just things.

If you do love me,
If it is true,
Then here are the means I would like from you.

Paint me canvas,
Sing me a song,
Write me a letter with words that are strong.

Show me your funny,
Show me your shy,
Share all the dreams you have in your mind.

Hold me when I'm sad,
Hold me when I'm happy,
Hold me either way because I'm a little bit sappy.

Pieces of your heart,
Parts of your mind,
I want to learn you bits at a time.

What I'm trying to convey,
What I hope that you got,
It's you that I love so it's only you that I want.

Nik Krutilla
Written by
Nik Krutilla
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