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May 2012
stop and breathe again. something we forget.
everythings okay. everythings okay. e-ver-eee-thing-z o-kaay
the mantra rings like a church bell hanging from my arm.
it says, "the trial is only followed by a phat party!"
wakes up in a pool of his/her **** and *****.
must've been a good night. or just dumb. probably both.
no more apologies. no more clamping onto the ship for dear life.
no more breakdowns and no more pointing fingers.
This is Om. **** it and swallow it. It tastes like now, it tastes like forever.
maybe it burns but its the milk that keeps me going.
Flowing from the eye in the middle, the joy re-enforces the truth.
Dylan Rodrigue
Written by
Dylan Rodrigue
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