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Jun 2017
I'm so done with what this world has become, everyone turning on everyone. Watching blood run dry when your mother turns her eye and watches her son destroy his life. What a sad time to be alive. But this is what it is to exist. Everyone has there own issue that they have to go through , but it seems to you that yours are bigger then every other person that roams this earth. It is What it is I guess , you can't change the soul if the body doesn't want to follow. So you watch as the family you love slowly slip away into there own insanity, its kind of maddening wondering why I'm still trying to help cause all they do is yell at me and there telling me I'm the one over reacting to watching my loved ones killing themselves's kind of crazy cause I'm not talking about suicide I'm talking about mental illness and the damaging affects it leaves in someone's brain and it something that affects me , you , your families and everyone thats around you.
Written by
LetTheOceanTakeMe  Henderson
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