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May 2012
when you say it's all about me and kiss my forehead i melt.
you're vague and charming and i can't read you that well.

you're not like the rest...but at the same time you are.
i haven't been this confused for a while.

oddly enough i can look you in the eyes and want to kiss you.
disregarding and not caring what other people say.

i'm still learning who you are and i'm trying not to
because i don't know if i'll like what i find.

i'm surrounded by liars and cheaters and i don't know who to trust.
i want to trust you. i want to care. but at the same time i'm afraid.

i'm afraid because i don't know how you feel.
i don't know if i can trust you.

but then you smile. and it makes me think, "what's the worst that could happen."
on nights like this i sit and dwell on the worst.

hoping it's the same way i feel.
but i'm distancing myself because i'm unsure.
Written by
Otter  everywhere
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