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Jun 2017
I can taste your brokenness
bitter on my tongue
there's a fog forming between us
made of bitter, anger, broken

Happy is fragile when it's built on a billion grains of fury-word sand
sand sticks everywhere and even if you're enjoying the sun and the glittering, dancing sea
That sand's gonna rub your skin raw when the night's quiet and you're trying to get some rest
And forget trying to walk when it's in between your toes.

Careless words.
Care less words.
Words inflicted with no care
Designed to make you feel worthless
designed to make you feel worth less
worth less than a human
They speak to you:
'I don't care if I make you feel worth less than human.'

And they speak to you:
'My words are the sand in your bed, the sand between your toes, the sand that makes rest restless, the sand that makes walking hurt. My words are the words that make living hurt.'

Let ME speak to you. Let my words wash you.

You are the human who washes me.

You are the kindness that lifted me from surviving to alive
you are the love that relieved my lonely terror
Hear me? Terror.

Terror that grips, excruciating, inescapable,
none will love,
need to die, terror.

You are the smiles in my soul
You are the delight to my children
You are the delight to yours.
You are the security your daughter tests
You are the coach of your son.

You are the weakness of my heart
You are the carer of me.
You are a friend.

And even if you were not all this
If you just were
You are human, beloved.
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