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May 2017
O prim harrow/
     ******* gomorrah/slashed fists-
raised eyes/joy conjured as alchemic kiss of wood/machine
      I am the child's unfastened bow
The diamond bible lay in a meadow formed
     with fragility
     (frame of mind as honey & cream & Ubud in June/do not suffer for the Monarch is nearly free from its own funeral, repeating)

       Pygmalion & worshipper
Iris ribbon/expander/deceiver
      Midnight smoking in backdrop of Lalibela
          Lalibela Opus
           Your thigh burned with Mystic sand

your past of perhapses & sitting on the
flashing rug
     where we listened to flowers speak the Animal language

roots imitate Atlas grasping at our lungs our earth/

the wrath of flesh
   like a youthful mirror
I escape the pavement,
  you fold the Sun into Origami
      swallowing it/a bird in it's irrational nest
     (I enshrine you with skylines)
       we try at last
            for a place of eternal windmills &
baskets which

    entomb the ocean I
tilled for our drowning
Written by
Connor  23/M/MSH
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