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May 2017
I see what I've done was wrong so I apologise for my peace mind things happen to me so fast that my reaction runs far from what I was expecting you know the feeling I believe you don't have to worry if u ever did because I have come to notice love doesn't exist so I apologise for wasting your time and care because I see what ive done wasn't very smart I just wanted to be free to be me but now I can't me cause I don't remember who I use to be If I ever offended you in a way I didn't mean to I hope you forgive me I can't sleep can't​ eat can't think straight My deep depression will get in a way I might've seemed happy after you were gone but if that's what you thought then you were wrong I fake so I won't be the cause for anyone to worry And so I won't get hurt I've decided to never marry Ive decided if love is what I need I'll love myself Cause no one can love you like you'll love yourself I'm shutting down till further notice so that my heart will never be broken the your family that I'm sorry and that never forget everything that you guys have done for me but no matter what I'll have regrets that will keep me quiet My shine is gone My heart is Missing but I'm grateful for the time you stayed to listen if I die know that I'll never forget your love I leave saying my sorrows leave me empty and hallow My Tears fill my eyes till I wake tomorrow I sit back and watch the world fall to pieces but I'll never care because I was already broken don't blame yourself cause it was always me I'm surprised I stayed alive and didn't leave I do it for Unity til my desire to see him runs out Cause as a bother I'm not sure if he's proud I scream and cry cause I'm hurting I struggle with life cause I try to find where my pain source these are the words you'll hear me say when another man tries to love like you in the same way ' I'm sorry to tell you but you were wrong loving me always goes wrong I would tell you to ask my mom my father my brother and sister but my mom is gone and my father never cared my siblings are be dead my family is Missing I chose to be alone so mistakes wouldn't happen so move on with your life an forget about me cause the only person that can love me is only me...'
Written by
MyIner Agony
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