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Apr 2012
Watching. Waiting in a world of silence.
Heeding, yet receding from unattractive lies.
Veiled by hardened minds,
the truth, is in the eyes.

And it speaks thus.

Dark, ruthless, twisted faces
full of pride and arrogance.

"We are better than all" they chant
with flying fingers of steel.

Intrepid slurs
on unsuspecting souls.
Keeping them at a distance.

What makes them so unclean?
What makes us so unclean?

Feast on our fear,
and constant unsureness.
Take our joy and turn it into self loathing.
Vile, pretentious predators of song.

Where is the right found within
to chew another's dream into non-existence?

We are blinded by our hearts
that we have so willingly given.
And yet, those that would guide us
to a place of understanding and harness that love
for the better of all,

have chosen to abandon us.

Teach! You magnificent creatures
whom love is openly bestowed upon.

Teach and show the way
to those who face a long life of
practical non-existence in what
we choose to believe is the ultimate path

of expressing ourselves.
Do this, and preserve what is most sacred.

Choose otherwise,
and be forever tormented with the knowledge
that allowing hatred to reign will ultimately destroy
Everything held near our hearts and minds.
Natosha Ramirez
Written by
Natosha Ramirez  F
   Ahmad Cox
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