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Apr 2012
I have your brown eyes, but mine are more hazel.
Oh, and aside from physical attributes-- I’m a romantic like you are,
Always seeing the light in everything, always finding the love in others,
Even in the darkest soul.
And out of all the gifts you’ve given me, father,
Ultimately, you’ve given me confidence.
Confidence to be whoever it is I want to be,
And courage to do whatever my heart desires.
You told me I was beautiful on a sunny day, it was my graduation.
You said it with tears forming in the corners of those brown eyes that we share.
But that wasn’t the first time you told me that,
And this is because you’re a wonderful father.
And all of those times you’ve called me beautiful
Have given me the strength to think so myself,
Even on the darkest days.
So, I’d like to thank you.
Not just for the eyes, the good bone structure or the inheritance of those rose colored glasses.
But for being the best **** dad a girl could ask for.
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