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Apr 2017
(NaPoWriMo Challenge: April 13, 2017)

Dubious ****** and fallopian slide, the schoolyard for the ovaries
and where the air is full of talk of bees and ovaries.

Where one begins and the other one bends,
this marks the difference between knees and ovaries.

Punctuation is the point of this methodical formula,
plus a plethora of particulars like groceries and ovaries.

Good times go by as years and ages and epochs
and we research our prospects on heart disease and ovaries.

The origin of art, the origin of life, we study and define
the emblems of potency and all the ironies of ovaries.

All the ****** periods is the point of this procedure,
is why we exalt the expertise of the ovaries.
Napowrimo 2017: Write a ghazal.
Mary McCray
Written by
Mary McCray
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