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Apr 2017
Those are ugly they all say.
But they dont know what she goes through everyday.
She uses a razor to make her art.
If only they knew that this beauty comes from the heart.
At home she was abused , at school made fun of.
She always believed she was never loved.
Physical, ******, and everything you could name.
At home its a constant war, it's all just a shame.
Neglect and abandonment you could name it all.
"Fake it till you make it", but then she'd just fall.
She cuts and she cuts until one day too deep.
The blood rushes out and she falls fast asleep.
Her mother walks in and calls 911.
It's only then that she realizes what she's doing isn't fun.
They go to the hospital and the doctors check her out.
What happens then? He calls for help in a shout.
Visitors come and visitors go.
So many of them just call it a show.
Its too late now she's fighting for her life.
Everyone wishes she hadn't used that knife.
But do they not know they caused all of this?
Do they realize now that bullying isn't such a bliss?
Her parents should know abuse isn't cool.
They should have treated their little girl like a shiny jewel.
It's too late now their little girl is dead.
Everyone that did this, it'll go through their head.
They'll think about this everyday and every night.
I hope they know now what they did wasn't right.
I guess you could say watch what you do.
Be kind to others and not just to you.
Beauty doesn't come from the outside, instead from within.
Be careful what you do sometimes people it's still a sin.
Be yourself and be who you are.
It'll get better one day and you'll go far.
Tori Thornsbrough
Written by
Tori Thornsbrough  17/F/Sedalia Missouri
(17/F/Sedalia Missouri)   
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