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Apr 2012
YOU aint no gangsta.
With a pistol grip pump.
******* underaged girls
For money to buy junk.
Youโ€™re a player for sure.
Playin with minds of children is easy.
Capitalist pigs like you make me queasy.  
You smashin the man?
Youre jackin off to the sounds of the system,
Beatboxin records while the ignorant minds listen.
To illusions of grandeurโ€ฆ
Your caddy rims rollin.
All the while corporations controllin
Your mind.
YOU aint no gangsta
With a pistol grip pump.
youre just a ****. *****-average guy
Walking a racial divide
Elitist **** telling another whitemans lie.
To the masses of laborers.
Buyin what you be sellin
Your  notions of success
Aint my version of rebellin.
AJ Cox
Written by
AJ Cox
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