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Apr 2012
You have grown heavier and heavier with each hour of talk.
When I met you I could just make out your silhouette on the horizon.
Thin as bird legs, you danced with each gust,
Teasing my eyes like candle flame shadows.
With each word I caught falling from raspberry lips,
Words I wiped on my chest to keep them close,
You grew wide and tall as a redwood forest,
Shielding my whitewashed bones from the sun.
It used to be, that when you moved, my heart kept walking.
My blood runs stronger than canyon-cutting rivers.
With each conversation you are deeper and thick,
Behind you the sun whimpers over the horizon.
I can see sides of you your silence once held,
Fooling my ears and turning my head.
But you have grown heavier with each hour of talk,
When you shift, my heart strings pull me to your side.
Your every step directs my inward thought.
Should you chase the setting sun to far stretching oceans,
You would tilt my world and my love would roll,
Head over heels until you saw fit to stop
And I could bask in your shade once more.
You are a giant in the eyes of my heart,
Heavier still with each recitation.
I imagine that years of words will swell,
Until I can just make out my own silhouette on your horizon.
Day 9
Steven Hutchison
Written by
Steven Hutchison  Kansas City
(Kansas City)   
   Pauline Marie
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