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Mar 2017
We don't love we lust

Blinded by what we belive is trust

Can't stay strong so we break like crust

Away from our precious metals

We have lost the meaningΒ Β of emotion

We even allow science to determine our love for human life

But what is life without love

Lusting after one after another

Hurting our sisters which in turns hurts our brothers

Spreading this corruption

To blind to make a distinction

whether to live for love or live for lust

Either way you choose you love is a must

You will lead a life of nothing

Reach the crossroads broken and fumbling

Without support, love or anyone to hold you

all because you lusted and didn't let anyone hold you

Because you see lust is just to want

But to love is more

to love another person is to be infatuated and mesmerized by their very being

You don't just see them you see their soul

And from that you learn them whole

So keep your love clean and untainted

No matter how much life hurts and untrains it

Because it is the only thing that stays fit

No matter how much it is hit
Love connects us all
Written by
Death  Jackson
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