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Mar 2012
I loved you because when those words were muttered from my mouth to your ears, you were so quick to reply.
I loved you because you held me through the night and didn't seem to want to let me go.
I loved you because I could call you after seemingly the worst day, and you could make it all better.
I loved you because you brought out the adventurous side of me.
I loved you because you would play me songs that you found fitting for the moment.
I loved you because you could make me smile through the tears.
I loved you because you always held my hand in public.
             You always told me that I looked beautiful, no matter what I thought.
             You kissed my forehead in the rain.
             And you opened doors for me.
             You made me little trinkets.
             And were so happy when I tried to draw with you.
Even when you let me go, I still loved you.
Even when you told me you hoped that we could still be friends, I still loved you.
Even through that empty promise, I still loved you.
I just can't help remembering the good instead of the bad, and I still love you.
Kati Lyn Mitchell
Written by
Kati Lyn Mitchell
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