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Mar 2017
you were a fairy tale really
from your heart till your eyes,
till the crinkle of your smile.

you loved hard without blinking an eye,
and you fell down to the hard ground,
hitting rock-bottom,
but still,
you loved.
and you loved hard.

I thought I could be a fairytale as well.
I thought I could love till I was numb,
but I can't.
I'm not a fairy tale.
I do blink an eye when I loved,
and I never let myself hit rock-bottom.

this is for you,
a tribute to you,
your bravery,
your generosity,
and your sense of recklessness.
You still have that crinkle of a smile,
you still have that sparkle in your eye,
and I loved that very thing about you,
But I guess,
you could say,
I wish I were you but I don't think I can ever carry the burden.
Ever, like you.

You were always strong,
and I always seemed strong.

You were always kind but firm,
but I was firmly soft.

You were always reckless but cautious,
but I was reckless without conscience.

I really wish I could take it the way you do,
but I'd settle to be your best friend instead,
the best friend of a seemingly forever lovestruck idiot,
and so ever proud.
to my bestfriend, you'll always be my favourite book.
Alifah Ilyana
Written by
Alifah Ilyana  Dengkil, Selangor
(Dengkil, Selangor)   
   Johnny Scarlotti
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