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Feb 2017
I choose to live to choose
Somewhere at the corner of 8th and sacrifice.
It is easy to have opinions on burdens we do not carry.
She carries her burden at the center of her being where the world has told her to keep her gifts.
The decision as difficult as the action that must be taken, she said to me, "How do you force sacrifice?"
I search for words at the bottom of my opinion but we both know that death isn't the only way to end a life, for even God gave us choice for us to truly live.
So I choose me, over his or hers, for what is sacrifice if it is forced.
But my baby did not ask for this.
He did not ask to be the product of my choice or the sacrifice for my life.
The neon light of the late night pharmacy was the knife we used to peel the morning after from the night before.
It is easier to make mistakes that can be corrected.
But a life is a life is a life.
Where do we bury the bodies of unwanted babies. Will the tombstone of my first child read medical waste?
What role do I play in this? It is my child as much as it is her body, but hers is a temple men like me only come to pray. It is hers to choose who stays.
As I leave you with more questions than answers
I do not offer opinion on politics.
I do not offer figures to statistics.
I place before you two lives
who decides who lives or dies?
Dagogo Hart Dagogo
Written by
Dagogo Hart Dagogo  Ireland
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