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Jan 2017
Fighting Temptation

Harsh winter falls;
I yearning for your touch.
For a call with so much love  
Yearning to be near you but  
You are so far, oh how this  
Breaks my heart,
Time creates a difference,
Difference creates desire.
Desire ultimately creates a yearning temptation.
And that is you I crave I yearn to see better days,
My days of winters gray my nights I cry  
Without you in my life,
You are my temptation that whispers in my ears,
I call out your name in that sensual tone.
But when I wake it was all wrong,
You was only on the phone calling me saying  
One day you will be home,
I fight the urge to reply what is truly on my mind
Another time,  
Then one night, temptation comes again
Touching you in places that cried out his name.
Temptation knows exactly what he is doing.
August spent filling empty without you,
Temptation knows exactly what he is doing.
The kiss screams passion, warmth…. but…
How did temptation know what I was needing  
The most!
How did he know that you needed a kiss like that?
Dripping in pure desire; a wanting, yearning kiss  
That makes December a sweeter place to play,
Temptation I can’t fight you anymore.
I’m yielding to your love and its even at my door.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2010
The Queen Of Darken Dreams
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