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Mar 2012
Once upon a time
we were just broken pieces
under false impression
put together
shards that clashed
crashed against
each other
(and we called that 
spilled our our pain
from tarried pages
off empty screens
first we'd drink and smoke
so much so our 
serrated edges
couldn't pop the 
precious glass palace
I built around our fragile
***** bodies-
around my ***** fragile heart
(and called that love)
blanketed oblivion
my swaddled shelter
out of a furl of smoke
our stories coiled 
in the cloistered air
of your room
and I'd cry on
behalf of your secret pain
and I 
our rage would swell
out of
a deep
someplace outside us
( ?maybe God Yahweh Jehovah The Universe)
something (w)hole
complete swirl
and we'd lash-
and retract
once I cracked her from
a small shell she'd curled into 
like a millipede 
she asked
"why do we do this to each other?"
Nothing has ever crushed me
so much as love has crushed me
I am still just a splinter
and so is she
except I am lost
somewhere in a
***** in the floor
and she glitters
this whole world
watches her glitter
from her small spot
on the sidewalk
Magdalynn OLeary
Written by
Magdalynn OLeary
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