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Jan 2017
In order to make a dollar and to get ahead:
- they wish to see us all deceased,
- (Yes!) they wish to see us all dead,
- or crippled, at least, with man-made disease.
The last thing they wish to see is for us to be free;
- so - they'll **** us in any way possible:
- infecting your family, thee, me, and we
- in ways so, very, cruel and methodical.
The truth is: we are no longer human beings;
- we are, simply, their livestock- or product.
I assure you that you and/or your siblings
- will feel their, so, inhumane misconduct;
- for - it is t'wards each, and every, one of us.
They'll do anything in their power to **** us all.
Please, please, don't - in thee elites put your trust
- because- in their lives: we are pawns, so small.
We must, all, break away from their society,
- we must build up our forts up in the trees,
- if any o' us have a hope of being free
- or, ever in our lives, seeing liberty!
For - all our rifles: they will come to seize,
- tis' a worried attempt to take our arms,
- ensuring they're the only ones who can cause harm.
January 15th, 2016
Hideous Aegidius O'Crowley
Written by
Hideous Aegidius O'Crowley  20/M/Upon Thee Prairie Plains
(20/M/Upon Thee Prairie Plains)   
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