Nov 2016
music is
mingled with the sun.

I remember a day
when purpose could be found
with ease,

now, I strive:
what once was winter love
has touched the summers of my life
and forever molded the seasons.

poetry became too personal.
At some point,
the pain was too real when
put into words,
and that is why
I turned to music.

When making music,
your feelings are also mingled
with the notes,
and you don't feel any pain.
It's incredibly beautiful,
just like a poem,
but it doesn't hurt you.

But I can't stop to wonder
that all these things are a filler
to hold on on this ever maddening road,
until the time is right for us to meet again.

because that's where my life really shines, right?
I won't remember the filler days.
I live for the moments that we create together,
and maybe the art that I produce out of it.

But that's it,
sadly... or happily.

I know I'd trade it all -
the most beautiful poem or melody,
it doesn't mean a thing to me
when put next to what you mean to me.
André Fernandes
Written by
André Fernandes  Portugal
   Ilion gray
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