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Nov 2016
I'm one of these girls,
who will always stay,
100 miles away,
from the perfect woman and human.

Genes gave me short and thick legs,
instead of the long branches like Giselle Bundchen.
Blue eyes, but not the sparkly,
light ones, bursting from pictures.
Hair, which is always messy,
grows uneven and is the ultimate safety net,
for bees and flies.
A face that is so round,
that even my 6 years old cousin,
notices it and jokes about it.
A brain which forgets,
so much stuff,
names, numbers, groceries,
lyrics, everything.
With maybe some talents in it,
but not the ones sought for,
by society and recruitment agencies.
A characteristic, to stress so easily,
that even seeing an ugly picture of myself,
raises my stress levels,
4 hours long with 80 percent.
An urge for expression,
which is often interpreted by others,
as rude, too direct and offensive,
although not mend in that way.

Couldn't you have done a better job,
evolution, god, causality,
or anyone or anything else?
I'm kinda tired of reaching stuff,
which I can never reach,
but see other people have.

But well,
there is a bright side,
to this story.
Because people,
me included,
can decide,
for themselves,
what they want to reach.
And also because I often,
had to reach very far,
I've learned to work hard,
in many ways.
Harder than people for which,
some things,
they only needed to lift their hand.
It made me creative,
original, made me able,
to learn and accept.
I don't win over guests in a restaurant,
by my speed, glossy smile or waving hips.
I open my heart, try to feel what they want,
make them feel special, heard and understood.
Smiling, not with a perfect Barbie smile,
but with happiness and radiation.

I've learned all kinds of tricks and habits,
to remember facts, names and appointments.
I've adapted a lifestyle in which,
I feel comfortable.
I have found ways to express beauty,
in my own way,
far from those unreachable standards,
often projected by different sources.

But most of all,
I've learned to created, build, construct,
accept, love and develop.
I've noticed and have been made aware,
of so many flaws.
But knowing them, is the first step,
in overcoming them,
with a talent.
Only by exploring, falling and failing,
those talents unravel and grow.

I'm one of these girls
Written by
Ceeam  Europe
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