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Nov 2016

Said someone; that, from me, leaving is thee.
How, why, did not tell? How did I know not?
Said someone; in sorrow, thou are, with me,
But somehow, in my vision, It shows not.

Said someone; it’s I, who thou want no more.
My eyes see thee walking across the door.
Said no one; in tears, thou’re, each night, drowning.
Said no one; deep inside, thou were dying.

But I tell thee now, I mean thee no hurt.
Said no one; that thou, my only lover,
Mine no more, perhaps you’ve found another.
So it’s thou, love, I’m setting free, apart.


Let I be first, give this one an ending.
So thy reasons never have to exist.
A battle, is this meant not to be caused.
Not success nor failure, too essential

Thou and I, with our mouths must just admit
That love of ours was once so true and pure
But now became just a lie in repeat
Never did I mean to put thee with lure

I, to say, with final words so you’ll fly.
I love thee so, thou, I tell now; goodbye
Said they; I know not. Love I, Thou still do.
Never said; that thou just rests, o’ who.

Expect about it, I shall never do.
Oh how will I ever know if it is true
Said someone; thou want to really come when
Thou’ll come back when our love is real again
I translated Jimmy Bondoc's let me be the one to Shakespeare's style of writing.
Kurt Christian B Tubera
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