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Oct 2016
Is poetry all stereotypical?
Can one now write without cliché?
To write romance like Shakespeare
Or depressed thriller like Poe
Is now considered cliché, taboo, and old

What is left for us?

I say rid YOURSELF of stereotype
Rid YOUSELF of taboo
rid YOURSELF of your own clichés
And create anew

I wish to throw up *** scenes
**** out the angst with the rest of the waste!
Those are MY clichés. MINE

I will breathe in the romance!
Swallow the comedy whole.
Done too much?
Maybe by another
But not I.

You ask us the write,
But not mimic the greats.
It's only cliché if we've done it,
Let it become a stereotype of us
And have it consume our bodies.

So I will write poems
Of natures beauty
Of fantasy dreams
And it will not be cliché
Because it will come from me.
From the deepest reaches of my soul
Through my guts and blood
It is forged like a sword.

So call it cliché if I am to write
The same way as the greats.
It won't make it less beautiful
Or any less new.
Written by
Elizabeth Waxman
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