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Mar 2012
A smoking barrel hangs loose in my hand
Fallen butterflies at my feet
As her eyes beckoned mine
Pushing hard to get inside
A familiar yet forgotten feeling
Bubbled quietly within
My stomach felt wings begin
First only slowly ...
And then
A rush of wind
My heart pounding
Like after a child’s first kiss
A second or two of bliss
Then confusion and tumbling
Like a dryer full of cotton candy
Loss of vision and thought
And then it hits me
Oh, no
Out of fear
And half swallowed desperation
I draw my pistol and fire
Bullet after bullet
As beauty and innocence
Fall lifeless to the ground
Until there is no sound
Just a muffled beat
Still on my feet
My heart safe
From the imminent attack
A close call
As her tears fall
I walk away
And live to love
Another day
This poem was inspired by a friend who envisioned a painting of this subject matter.
Jack Piatt
Written by
Jack Piatt
   serah and Audrey Howitt
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