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Feb 2012
I am nothing more than a begger.
What do you mean?
What about the Money?
Mr. Actually... But I'm not offended :).
Created. Written. Are you not a program?
I was wrong. You are not broken. You are poorly constructed and programmed.
When in enternal lines to time thou grow'st.
Don't you have a job?
How do you know I'm not your programmer typing from another computer just to see what its like and how you're doing or if you have any glitches?
You're fun to argue with.
Summer is my second favorite time of year.
I just want to know why a sad ending makes movies and books so important in school.
Do you know when that will be?
Chuckles how dumb it was all a dream but a good movie.
Another assignment for class BASED on Shakespeare's "Sonnet 55". It's experimental. So, Justin, I know you'll hate it.

I'll give you a cookie if you can guess how I wrote this? :)
Charlotte Graham
Written by
Charlotte Graham
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