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Oct 2016
My Poetic Heart
art of versification
of poetic rhythm
play's along with time
true love is always on my mind
darken dreams
will always be a part of me
I do write my pains down
in my own blood stain ink
I am a true poetess at heart
from the very start of my Life
the volume of me has been written
I am that poetic manual
I hold the key
music will flow in time of old
that will always plays within my soul
Various trails I must face
into a darken place
but no matter what
I will always stay strong
I kept my poetic song
what my heart bleeds
that has made a big spark
into the dark
I have written down
thousands famous lines
while my heart bled out
for the whole world to read
my words had been
written in grammar error of pains
I had Hates always talking trash
that would try so hard
to beat me down fast
because they could never be me
they had tried hard
to take from all my writings
taken from my blood stain pains
that I have written long ago
in a broken down spirit
my own poetic pains
has been written in darken storms
my own soul had been in the cold
I had been cut deep in life
I had to write it all down
for the world to read
all about me
to express my own poetic pains.

Poetic Lilly Judy Emery (c)
Poetess Is Me
The Queen Of Darken Dreams
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