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Feb 2010
They say, no man is an island
Yet an island can be reshaped
By a tornado, hurricane, or a earthquake
Mother nature rules with an iron fist
To place her stakes on the land of the living

They say, no man is an island
But there must be a better way
For other nations and countries
Come together and embrace
To restructure our governments,
Working together, rebuilding, maybe, even see
The humanity in eachother giving
To help those, who can not help themselves

They say, no man is an island
All the justice and laws in the world
Wouldn't correct it's poverty
In exchange, for it's wealth
Animated politicians
Speaking in tongues
Atoned to be totally clueless
Unaware of the next existing
Killer of lives

They say, no man is an island
To forsee at last
Battle of waves of storms to come
Genocide, Nuclear, Wars
Will come again, and again
History repeats, in cirlces
It never ends

They say, no man is an island
The inadequate versions of getting things right
Should be a must, for the change with truth and trust
People having the will or the lack of
Food, water, protection, health care
That ain't right
To not be inform and share

They say, no man is an island,
But there's just has to be a better way
People taken care of people
Living life better than it once was yesterday
Families who have lost, buried, and shed many of tears
Placed their memories of loved ones
To cross over into the light
Have lost more than just a home, family, neighbors
One thing one must not lose is
The spirit inside to have

They say, no man is and island
For every man, woman and child
Is of the land of their island
Hope is not ones plan alone
The plan simply is of many...

Faith, Memories, Freedom, Dreams, and Hope
(upwc)Zenobia/aka/LadyZ710 /2/13/10
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