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Sep 2016
Always running it seems a race with no finish line, just stop at every checkpoint last minute desperate attempts for what I don't know, maybe just someone to call mine. A brief moment I'm caught in your eyes, you see me, a certain truth in this moment I can't disguise. In the morning it's over your gone it's all but truth only beautiful lies. The circle unending I reach such highs, only vain attempts to comfort the unbearable lows, a constant internal struggle the only resemblance in between that just I feel the blows. I need to fly the way you lift me up just one more time, to feel in bliss things about myself things unseen but oh so real with you when I feel your kiss. Only ever attracting the company I keep not my good friends, just broken demons that fester within me. I look in your eyes but I can't find you, your face always changing, the consistency is just in the end myself I'm left blaming. In a desperate attempt at feeling whole, to feel like I'm breathing, I lose more of myself every time I let you grab hold, for I know now nothing can ever stay if it's made of gold. May I never finish this race, for now in the endpoint, I'm afraid alone I'll only ever find my place. Until then again in the familiarity of strangers I'll weaken as I grasp tighter for my own reality I can't embrace. Right now I'm broken and it seems for some time this won't change hard to feel supported when your shadow doesn't even want to stay.
Jeremy Washko
Written by
Jeremy Washko  Lexington, KY
(Lexington, KY)   
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