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Sep 2016
And I hate you. I say to the mirror.
I wish you would change. I'd continue.

And I look at my reflection
And I see your crooked smile.
I'd see the way you looked at me with
a teasing grin of the eye.

And I'd expected you to say, "Oh, yes. Hate me."
"But we are one. And what I do is what you do." You say, adding to my misery.

But in truth,
as I stared back to the girl
who tore other people apart,
to the girl who tore herself apart,
to the girl who thought she could stand on her own,
to the girl who thought she needed no one...

She would never reply back at me.
She's just my reflection
of a girl who's torn bit by bit.
Frustrated with herself,
to the point that it kills...
More lethal than poison.
○ Poem by Juliet Charlotte G. Jimenez ○
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