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Feb 2012
you me and alcohol makes three
and all things that we considered to be bad before makes four
or five if you count that one time
wait never mind
and we consume every other day so we aren't alcoholics or addicts so to say
and it has been a long time consuming these things that bring us down to even us out
maybe a week or two into the new year it was unclear what it was about
even more unclear now with reasonable doubt
but maybe we are in the same boat from a different town  
travel down very different roads but a similar route
to escape from the cold to find heat in hot air
from the sky or from a guy or a girl or from the world
because the ground is hot underneath dig deep
reach for that part at the bottom in the corner behind old spent matches and cigarette butts
to find what was buried when you were first afraid to sleep alone
because your mind is a throne and your body a temple
remember I respect I entirely
never forget that you own your own soul and steer it where you want it to go
never forget that I respect you
and truthfully
do what you will
spill the milk
you create the bed upon which your value and worth rest
I am an outsider only a guest
I can sing your song
for short or for long
you decide which is for the best
CC Capie
Written by
CC Capie
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