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Aug 2016
Ignorance, bliss, an indiscriminate kiss,
gracefully balanced atop a bone-crunching fist.
A sleuth in the shadows,
a looped rope in the gallows awaits to hang the one who climbs it toward the hallowed.
The stairs on which you ascended with the promise of heaven ended;
abruptly, unjustly, and with heavy fists corrupting.
The body and soul, your constitution…
In contrast with your ego’s delusions,
Have shown themselves to be
The antithesis to illusion.

The reality belief is a cold-blooded thief,
that will rob you of your senses and leave the self-defenseless to the distortion of optics,
the twisting of oral…
Succumbing to illusions of evil and/or moral.

Of course, one would ask, “What am I to do?”
The answer is simple: Do not look within,
For the sought-after lies through.
Heighten awareness to see through the hallowed,
for the beast in you cannot be drowned.
If it forces the waters to shallow.
Consciousness is heavier than the act of mere existence
If it is heaven is you seek, you’ll need much more than sheer persistence.
Written by
Persephone  Stranded in time.
(Stranded in time.)   
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