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Aug 2016
Owls are very cunning
Their grace and beauty are what's stunning
A lot of people would agree
That these birds are a sight to see  
You had adored these birds since you were small
Painting pictures and putting them on your wall
But the sad thing was you had never seen one
So you thought a camp out search would be fun
That night while you walked down a trail
You found one in a tree that looked quite pale
At that very moment the bird let out a shriek
You thought it discovered you so you started to freak  
But the bird didn't move, not even an inch
If it knew you were there it atleast would've flinched
You looked at the full moon then heard a close howl
It sounded like wolves were on the prowl
Then you heard growling and looked ahead
And saw a wolf baring his teeth as he lowered his head
You looked for a way around it
But this wolf's pack had you surrounded
The owl's shriek wasn't a normal call
It was a cry for help and had lured them all
At that moment the bird turned its head
And you saw it's red eyes as you were filled with dread
You were just bait for this owl's game
The bird then flew away without any shame
You then died a horrible death
Watching the bird fly out of sight as you took your last breath
Keonte Johnson
Written by
Keonte Johnson
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