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Jul 2016
From the Gods of the sky,
To the mortals on Earth,
To the demons that slumber within the hellfire.
The coexistence to one another,
Yet the mortals are oblivious to each.
A war which rages in the planes beyond our own.
Our own war before our very eyes.
The death that we see,
The death that we will never see.
The fall of an angel,
To the rise of a monster.
Yet we have become the monster.
Overthrown by our own hate,
Our own sadism.
We have manifested into the thing we despise the most.
We once stopped to look upon the eathereal battle beyond our comprehension.
Only now they pause to witness the bloodshed that is mankind.
To see that there is no longer a need for Hell.
For we as men have created our very own.
The pause of the Gods,
The pause of the demons,
To the hellfire in which man now lies.

H. Stewart
Written by
Hunter Stewart  West Monroe L.A.
(West Monroe L.A.)   
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