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Jan 2012
***** alleys weeping garbage (fish                         heads)
            40s (alhambra) for 1 euro & a new leather

football games in parks
carpeted broken glass/kids laughing.
sun like a strange shimmer 'yond th'mountains rearing
         jagger's wild horses   ,

liquid spanish smiles in little bars all w/th'same signs.. words
words like birds ...

                                   (birds that take off
                                   in th'park in raucous flights
                                   if yer talkin' too loud.)

eat minute fried fish outside over 6 glasses strong beer.
almost fall off stool twice's'many times scrutinizing passing girls.

go home & write pomes 'bout cig'rettes & running,
call it "oxymoron" 'cause doing both in same day
is bad ******* news for the guts.

                                  go to the university campus
                                  for cheap coffee
                                  &        conversation
                                  w/a girl from the bar (the bartender)
            write a poem while she talks & call it
                                 "terra nova"

                                                         ­                      that one's about nothing.
south a spain
A L Davies
Written by
A L Davies  M/halifax
   Bernadette, Makiya and ---
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