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Jun 2016
I want 12 o clock udf trips

I want to wake up next to you at 6 in the morning to simply give you a kiss and go to work

Because in America. After love, the only thing we have to sit on are the blue collar workers fighting the good fight to give us the freedom to love

I want your hand in mine,
But never touching wrist. Because you said you are afraid of our veins popping out.
But I'm afraid that if they do they will tie in knots and I won't be able to let go

You are stuck in a lump of post fling relationships that hold you back from tying  your veins into mine

From letting the tips of our hair connect in a patch of daises on the cold ashy ground of a meadow in woods of fallen comrades

Because although most wars are fought with guns

The good ones are fought with words.

I need our love to stand true and not fall through because I'm running out of puppy dog nicknames for random girls that always fall short of grasping my heart the way you did.

Your grasp is an iron maiden that caught hold two years ago

At times I feel it dies to the torture of the cold metal spike

But for that there are plenty of cold peanut butter milkshakes with chocolate milk, because white milk is just to normal for someone as abnormal as you

But I do understand there is a lot holding you back.
There is a man fighting a war that has no purpose being behind enemy lines
And if I have learned something in my many years. I support the brave troops. But I cannot support the wars for a materialistic freedom driven by oil consumption and corporate *******

I love you Because you are much like an American flag. Though we have been burned so many times. Even on fire we are a symbol of beautiful freedom that struck me in my childhood and that will carry through my soul for the rest of my days

If you love something set it free.
But you are already a beautiful fire flapping your opinion in the wind
Telling me when I'm being unreasonable or quite frankly a bit of a sarcastic *******

But I cant be upset at you
I've given you more reasons then one to not put your faith in me,
Anytime things get rough or I'm afraid of hurting you. I distance myself

But I will never forget the time you told me it hurts you more when I leave
Because I forced myself to choke back tears from the pain of tearing my arms away from you

My last words will not be as meaningful as Che Guevara
They will not be as ironic as tom Ketchum
They will not be as dark as Edgar Allen Poe
But they will mean something
Even though they have been said so many times
It will be simply this
I love you
Written by
Triston Wareing  Ohio
   Dan and Richie Vincent
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