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Jun 2016
"Later" is word
I wish I never knew.
You couldn't imagine
What that word has put me through.
I put things off
"Later" caused me to procrastinate.
"Later" made me lazy
It made me hesitate.
"Later" ended my marriage
It destroyed my life.
"Later" has taken a toll on my family
"Later" caused a change in my wife.
She used to have faith in me
Because my word was bond.
"Later" became a part of my vocabulary
Now she is gone.
"Later" became a part of my speech
People started to hate to hear me say it.
They knew when I said "Later"
Whatever I had to do, I would somehow delay it.
I would take my time
& put things on hold.
I didn't think it was a problem
Because "Later" is what they were told.
My wife wanted to talk
"Later" was my reply.
"Later" never came
& I don't know why.
I really wanted to listen
But I just didn't try
She got tired of waiting for "Later"
So she told me Bye-Bye.
"Later" was convient
It seemed to be the right thing to say.
It seemed like an escape from things
I didn't want to do anyway.
"Later" will never be used again by me
I've learned my lesson well.
That word "Later"
Has made my life a living hell.
If by chance I have to use it
I'll be sure to follow through.
NEVER let that word "Later"
Consume or destroy you too.
Robert Cathey
Written by
Robert Cathey  California
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