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Jun 2016
And I said to the magic man
As I stroked my dusty brow
"I've walked this path of dreams, my lord
It isn't as it seems, my lord
The thorn begets the smell, my lord
Upon this road of dreams"

"My child, see you now, see you now," he said
"From whither have you come
To see the sights of Hell,
    through the eyes of demon ***.
To scream the mouth of the man in the cage
Oh, fallen angel, to weather the rage
With dirt in your fingers
And dust in your eyes,
I have heard your cries," he said.

"Then what is to be?" I asked the magic man
"The Sun, my child.
The Earth and one.
The knowledge of yin and yang.
The truth, my child
From where it all began.
And you shall know the secrets
From time and from before
I give to you the key-
   Unlock the door."

"But won't I be alone?"  I asked,
"In knowledge all my own?"
"Alone?" he smiled
"With All That Is?
Be brave, my child, and open your eyes
You have lived through the demon's deceit and lies
You have travelled hell and past
Know you at last
You are chosen and strong
      Oh angel, Arise!"

And I lifted my arms to the heavens
And knew that I stood on the edge of light
With my soul glowing beyond me
And the wings of my spirit in flight
            I opened the door

aka Lauren Jewell
Written by
Yarrow Beach  Oregon
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