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May 2016
You...are my drug
Not in a good sense
You get me high, higher than the sky but it's
the crash, the crash that I

I see you and it's like you're
injected into my blood.
And at first I don't feel anything
But then....

Then comes the dialation
Quickening of the heart
There's a quiet thudding in my ears
and I can't quite concentrate

It feels so great to be around you
but when we separate
I crash.

I hate myself for wanting you
The eyes contract to normal
And the cold sweat dries

The pounding in my ears
goes quiet
and I'm left with my thoughts,
Thoughts of loathing.
I hate how you make me
I hate your side effects,
you ****** drug,
Oh no here comes the teenage angst
This is about this one person who I simultaneously want to ****** and **** (although not at the same time, that make sense?)
Woohoo teenage angst
Lila Valentine
Written by
Lila Valentine  Highland Park
(Highland Park)   
   Lila Valentine
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